Allah's Creation at Micro-Level, Tardigrade

By DR. Abdul Hye
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 Who can name this creation of Allah? See Allah’s creativity at micro-level!Allah reminded 31 times in Quran: ‘Then which of your Lord’s favors will you deny?’ (Chapter 55)See this presentation and understand your Creator better. They are not Angels or Aliens from outer Space. I have a presentation to show their activities that they are living and moving around us! You can’t see with naked eyes! 1.It is very small in size, around us, in your backyard, can live in land, sea, beach, desert sand, space. 2. Can live without food for 30 years (man only fast 15 hours/24 hours in Ramadhan!).3.Can live without air, water, don't breathe (man is dead after 120 years maximum).4.Can live in very high or very low temperature like many planets (-454F to +302F).5.Can live on very low or very high pressure like many planets h pressure will kill human, low pressure will bleed to death, that is why NASA has Space suits for protection).6.Can survive in very high radiation (6200 Gy cmpared to 6 Gy which can kill human), gamma-rays, even Super Nova explosion.7.     Can live in space or deep sea, can be on top of Mount Everest (6 miles high) or bottom of Pacific Ocean (7 miles deep), even in the subsurface oceans like Jupitar’s moon Europa and Saturn’s Enceladus.8.Can be as crisp/lifeless for long time but can have live back! 9.It will never die even if after human dies with no atmosphere, ozone depletion, high radiation from space like other planets.10.It will be on earth after human long gone and will be the only living on earth.11.Scientist believe they may be in other planets.12.No high technology can save human from disaster but it survives any condition.13.Human is infected continuously by virus, diseases and kill but not them!14.It is considered toughest creation of Allah on earth yet so small and fragile.15.Scientist believe it will die only if sun is dead (sun is supposed to live 10 billion years more!).16.     Allah is showing that human (though best creation) is prone to death for many reasons (short lived) but this creation lives forever!17.See how these little creatures obey and survive under all conditions while humans are constantly arguing, fighting, killing on earth forever!18.Allah offered human as best creations (better than angels) still humans are doing worse activities even animals don’t.19.Still only human will go to heaven or hell, not anyone else!20.Be responsible on your activities (good or bad) which will be evaluated soon by Allah not these creatures!21. It says: YES we can, Make Earth great Again, We are not under Travel ban!If Allah offers you…Live on earth like this creature or in Haven as human forever!What is your choice?For heaven, start working on it correctly now!For highest Heaven, do Dawah as much as possible!

  • Release Date : 08-18-2017

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