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Da'wah Tools (Comparative Religion)

 Package includes Books, CD, Powerpoint presentation

Free Da'wah Tools






Our Da'wah tools are easily accessible and FREE for anyone.  Please find the Powerpoint Presentations below that have been very beneficial for both Muslims and Non-Muslims, and email/send/distribute to as many people as possible.  In this day and age of Technology, it is highly efficient to utilize our capabilities to reach everyone across the planet.  The material within these tools are all referenced, including Department of Justice data.  The Presentations quote directly from the Torah, Bible, Quran, Hindu Scripts.  Please utilize them to educate your friends, neighbors, and communities.

Where do you Stand (English)
Where do you Stand (Spanish)
Where do you Stand (Arabic)
Where do you Stand (French)

Tablig Tools

Package Includes Fazail-e-Amal, Hayatus Sahaba, Da'wah Etiquette

Da'wah Package

  It is a CD with Presentation on commonalities of Judaism, Christianity and Islam with references from Holy Scripts. The presentation is in 4 languahes: English, Spanish, French and French. All these files are in PowerPoint and Pdf. The CD also has 28 video files (mp4) in 1-8 minutes on famous people around the world on why they became Muslims. These are powerful testimonials with clear message. All these 28 files are also in Audio (mp3) to listen in car. For details please see the preview.