Basics of Islam

By Dr. Abdul Hye
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 All basic items of Islam are illustrated with text, flow diagrams to clearly understand and perform. All Arabic are with transliteration and meaning throughout. It includes:Iman & Tawhid, Istinja+Gusl+Wudu+Tayamum and Masah,Azan+Salat and requirements of Salat, Juma+Eid+Janaza prayer, Saum/Fasting, Zakat, Adhia/Qurbani and Aquiqa, Omrah+Hajj and Ziarat to Madina, Last 10 Surahs+different Etiquette. It is ideal for children's Islamic school, family, jail Da'wah, Hajj & Umrah.

  • ISBN Number : 978-0-9668190-0-4
  • Publisher : Final Revelation
  • Publish Date : 2009-10-01
  • Page Count : 111

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