Islamic Organizations in North America

By Dr. Abdul Hye
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 With the help of Allah, this list is compiled for easy access to different Masjids, Islamic Organizations, Islamic Schools, Madrasas, Student Organizations, Islamic Relief Organizations, Islamic Cemeteries etc at different cities of USA, Canada & Caribbean Countries. All listings are arranged alphabetically with States/Provinces, Cities, Addresses & Phone numbers. This should help to locate Masjids, Islamic Schools, different activities at any city in North America and benefit immediately. In spite of best efforts, some addresses & telephone numbers may not be updated. Please send any corrections to update. Insallah this list will be updated yearly to benefit the Muslim Ummah.

  • ISBN Number : 978-0-9668190-0-0
  • Publisher : Final Revelation
  • Publish Date : 1998-11-01
  • Page Count : 86

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