Life Span Calculator

By Dr. Abdul Hye
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 Life span is an important part of life that determines how long a person will live. Life expectancy is affected by many factors such as family history, life style, habits, type of food, stress, physical activity, income, medical access, living country and even religion. This small book shows all these factors, and creates a way to predict increase or decrease in life span. A smart person who wishes to increase his quality of life should evaluate these factors so that they can contribute positively towards extending life as long as possible.Life is full of ups and downs, surprises, and issues that we must deal with. We have to plan for everything in life the same way we do with our jobs, business, investments, etc. Every person is destined to taste death sooner or later, and no one except the Creator knows when it will come. However, we can take a few positive steps to live trouble-free as much as possible and possibly add few extra years of life.This CD contains:1. Background presentation on aging,2. Flier,3. Age Calculator (needs Microsoft Excel program)4. How to use the Age Calculator (procedure)

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  • Release Date : 09-11-2015

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